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Friday, 12 December 2014

Result Exam Matrikulasi KMPP 14/15


Hari Rabu lepas. 10.12.2014.

Adalah hari yang mendebarkan bagi pelajar matrikulasi satu MALAYSIA..Yeahh !

I'm one of them. haha.

Result untuk sem satu dimana akan mennjukkan di mana kah potensi kamu .Tahap dan sbg.

Pd waktu inilah jugak akan menentukan sama anda awk akan kecundang atau terus berjuang ataupun terpaksa berjuang tp dengan cara yg lain.

People who get below than 2.00 pointer i guess will be kicked out . ..Yes .;
Kicked out from PST students ,if you are in programme PST.
You will officially became PDT students.

People who in accounts stream ..i heard that most of them will be kicked out from matriculation. Yes . No PDT sstudents for accounts. I really mean it.

Result mula keluar jam 10 pagi.
And on that time, I was in bio practical class with Pn Mushitah .
It was quite tortured me okayy .. Haha.
Looking at people surrounds me make me feel like i was in a glass which was full with particle and being compressed again and again.
Bermacam-macam reaksi budak matriks tmasuklah budak praktikum aku . Ada yg nak nangis..ada yang tak rasa pape..dan mcm2 lg.
During the experimental class, everyone was just like a robot who just did what Pn Mushitah had asked us to do without put their concentration on it. Quite Silly . Is it ?


Let;s make this story become fast and shorten.

Habis je kelas amali terus bergegas ke BSG where the result is posted.
Punya la ramai tahap gaban manusia yg tak sabar2 tengok result diorang smpai habis  beg aku di sepitnya diorang.. Padat tahap ..Boleh pengsan.

At last I found my matriculation number where I got 3.85 pointer for SEM 1 .
I was shocked enough ! Especially for Maths . I got B+ ???
Other SC subjects A ??? Woww ??

Is it a dreammm ? I kept wonderng.
Padahal untuk maths tu aku banyak jugaklah tinggal . Xsangka dpt B+ .. Ya Allah .. Bersyukur sangat2 .

Usahaku selama ni mendatangkan hasil..
Allah is the best planner.

UPS haritu result aku tak berapa okey. Just got 1 A . haha. For SC KOMP. 
The rest mostly B .
And then i got up and strenghthen my faith and all of my spirit. I want to get revenge ! Haha.

4 FLAT tak dapat . Alhamdulillah. Maybe ada sebabnya aku tak dapat raih 4flat.
Is not easy as ABC.

I was only targeted 3.00 only . Haha. Quite suprising right ?
So do I .

However it is .. the success is not only come from my effort only but also teacher or my friends who are willingly to assist me in edu. Really appreciate all this. My Parents ..ohhh they sacrifice alot for me.

The next challenge is striving for sucesss in SEM 2 ..

Upcoming UPS 2 and PSPM 2 .

Ayuh kawan2 .. budak matrikulasi ..

Gegarkan MALAYSIA ! Yeahhh !

P/s : Need to break my brain again #

The Capacity To Learn Is A Gift , The Ability To Learn Is A Skill , The Willingness To Learn Is A Choice

Hasil Collage Photoshop

Assalamualaikum semuanya.

Sudah berhabuk blog ku ini..kuang2...Haha,

Sibuk .

Matriks kan selalu dikaitkan dgn sibuk?


Last week i already done with assignment sc komp.
which is do a collage using PS.

Great right ? Huhu. Is nott to hard and to easy actually. 

See my work ? Tadaaa.. Just a simple one. I thought wanna do about FROZEN . Yahh the famous Disney movie.. but its required a lot of time..haha..

Buat je cmni ha.. sng koje eden..
Pic takyah download..Dh mmg ad dalam lappy. 

Kita kan usahawan ..Bussinesswomen. Can't you noticed that ?

haha..Even my friends do not know. I mean some. Haha.

It was the simple ever that i've been done for this lesson PS 2.Nak main dengan adobe kau ingat senang ke ?
Haaa..It takes a lot of your time babe ! And of course need your patience.

It can burst out your emo.
Really. You have to play with this application software.Such annoying !

Adjust sana sini.. Haishhh..Xtau la nak kata camna. Sebelom ni ad try guna untuk buat drawings . But the result was not sattisfied enough ! . Need a lot of practice. Well, aku bukannya mahir pun bab adobe ni.

Klau photoscape..GIMP,sai aku bolehla pro jugak..haha..

I know everyone can do that also right ?

Orite.. Tada...

The Capacity To Learn Is A Gift , The Ability To Learn Is A Skill , The Willingness To Learn Is A Choice

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