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Friday, 12 December 2014

Hasil Collage Photoshop

Assalamualaikum semuanya.

Sudah berhabuk blog ku ini..kuang2...Haha,

Sibuk .

Matriks kan selalu dikaitkan dgn sibuk?


Last week i already done with assignment sc komp.
which is do a collage using PS.

Great right ? Huhu. Is nott to hard and to easy actually. 

See my work ? Tadaaa.. Just a simple one. I thought wanna do about FROZEN . Yahh the famous Disney movie.. but its required a lot of time..haha..

Buat je cmni ha.. sng koje eden..
Pic takyah download..Dh mmg ad dalam lappy. 

Kita kan usahawan ..Bussinesswomen. Can't you noticed that ?

haha..Even my friends do not know. I mean some. Haha.

It was the simple ever that i've been done for this lesson PS 2.Nak main dengan adobe kau ingat senang ke ?
Haaa..It takes a lot of your time babe ! And of course need your patience.

It can burst out your emo.
Really. You have to play with this application software.Such annoying !

Adjust sana sini.. Haishhh..Xtau la nak kata camna. Sebelom ni ad try guna untuk buat drawings . But the result was not sattisfied enough ! . Need a lot of practice. Well, aku bukannya mahir pun bab adobe ni.

Klau photoscape..GIMP,sai aku bolehla pro jugak..haha..

I know everyone can do that also right ?

Orite.. Tada...

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